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Features of the Videorecording

"A-C-O-R-N THE PEOPLE'S VOICE WILL RISE AGAIN!" is a 59-minute hobbyist videorecording of the third national ACORN convention held in New York City in August of 1980. (The technical quality of the recording does not approach professional standards, but it is more than adequate to document these events in the history of ACORN community organizing.)

The 1980 ACORN convention brought together 2,000 members of the organization from all over the U.S. It was focused on challenging the Democratic National Convention, also meeting in New York City at that time, to form a commission on representation of low- and moderate-income citizens within the Democratic Party.

Videorecording Contents

The videorecording includes a report outlining the history of ACORN's challenge to the Democratic Party on the issue of low- and moderate-income representation, a one-mile march and demonstration in mid-town Manhattan, and a small informal group of members learning one of ACORN's organizing songs.

One of the highlights of the videorecording is an impassioned speech by then-Philadelphia Councilman John Street, who describes ACORN as "one of the only organizations in the country making a spirited effort to organize people on a grassroots, block by block level." Street says he's "all fired up" about what's going on in the country, mentioning in particular that in Philadelphia "we have the worst health care in all of the country."

Donation & Delivery Information

The ACORN 1980 Convention Videorecording is available as a premium for a $15.00 donation, plus $3.95 P&H.

Upon PayPal verification of a donation, Gather the People will confirm your premium and payment by e-mail, and then ship the requested item by U.S. Mail to any destination within the United States (unless special shipping arrangements are made). Please allow up to two weeks for delivery.

Tax-deductible donations for premiums may also be made by check or money order and sent directly to: Gather the People, 5400 Yarmouth Ave., #231, Encino, CA 91316. Please specify DVD or VHS videocassette, and be sure to include your mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address.

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